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UPL offers a choice of either Client Billing or Direct Billing. The Direct Billing option includes Patient, Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance billing. When choosing Direct Billing, all patient demographic and billing information must be supplied on the UPL requisition form. {In the event all billing information is not provided for Direct Billing, the patient`s test charges will be billed directly to your account}.

Client Billing:

Clients will receive monthly-itemized invoices, which include the date of service (transaction date), patient`s name, requisition number, test description, and fee. Invoices are due in full upon receipt and must be paid within thirty days of invoice date. Corrections to the invoice (e.g., change in bill type of Client to Direct Bill) must be received by UPL within 45 days of invoice date. Any charges unpaid after 30 days will be subject to a 1.5% per month interest charge until paid. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Direct Patient Billing:

UPL will bill patients directly when complete patient demographic information is supplied and the !Charge to: Patient! option is checked on the UPL requisition. The patient`s complete name, address, zip code, and telephone number with area code must appear clearly on the requisition when choosing this billing option. Patients under the age of eighteen years must also have a responsible party indicated on the requisition for billing. Fees for patient billing are in accordance with the usual and customary fees charged by the medical community and are subject to change without notice.

Technical Support Direct Medicare/Medicaid/Commercial Insurance Billing:

UPL will bill numerous government and private payers directly when complete patient demographic and billing information is supplied and the appropriate !Charge to! option is checked on the UPL requisition. Whenever possible, please provide a copy of both the front and back of the patient`s insurance card(s). If the insurance card is not available, the following information MUST be provided on the UPL requisition:

  • Patient name, address, zip code and telephone number
  • Patient sex and birth date
  • Responsible party
  • Insurance name, identification number(s), and validation dates
  • ICD-9 Diagnosis code or written, narrative diagnosis, sign or symptom for each test ordered

Note: Many insurance cards do not provide all necessary information for proper claim submission. Please review the information contained on the card and provide any missing information directly on the UPL requisition. Please provide name and address where claims are to be submitted for any unusual insurance carrier.

Pathology Billing:

Unless otherwise specified, UPL will bill clients a global fee for Cytology and Surgical Pathology services. The global fee includes the technical processing charge as well as the professional pathology fees for reading, interpretation and diagnosis.

Phlebotomy Direct Medicare/Medicaid/Commercial Insurance Billing Info:

UPL will bill government and private payers for only the technical component charge associated with specimen processing and testing.